Content Teams’ Overview

Ensure that there is a sense of coherency throughout any series of lessons and the whole platform in general e.g. that the relationship between fundamentals and project lessons makes sense. To ensure meaningful journeys for our learners. Due to ongoing conversations regarding scaling up Academy, marketing, analytics, etc, leaving developments quite fluid, the two content teams are zooming in on the scope of each one in an effort to define their roles and responsibilities for ourselves, the other teams and onlookers.

Educational Content Team

Lead: 7i7o

learner competency web 2 complete beginner elementary mid-level intermediate advanced
learner competency web3
know-how and present knowledge follows basic instructions, still learning to articulate asking for solutions effectively and clearly understands high level concepts, detailed instructions, can search for solutions grasps general concepts, navigates obstacles with ready solutions Has variety of methods to solve problems mostly independently. Zooms out and sees bigger picture easily. Reacts efficiently, independently and creatively.

Content Review and Testing Team

Leads: piablo | utc+1 and john-mac.eth

Team plans to: