<aside> 💡 Everything you need to know about our Phala Network LensAPI Oracle Challenge.



<aside> ❗ This is Part 1 of a two-part hackathon with Phala Network.

All verified submissions for Part 1 this will be whitelisted for a token airdrop to participate in the second hackathon on mainnet where they’ll be over $12,000 in bounties (+ merch).


This challenge will run for four days, fully remote, starting shortly after the kick-off workshop with Joshua (details below). Your goal during the challenge will be to deploy at least one LensAPI Oracle and leverage the limited set of stats to create a unique dApp.

Challenge Start Date Thursday 24th August
Duration Three days (fully remote)
Submission Deadline 11:59 pm UTC - Sunday 27th August
Submission form https://devdao.to/phala-lens-submit


Joshua, Director of Tech Evangelism @ Phala Network, hosted a killer workshop earlier this week to showcase Phala’s LensAPI Oracle. You can watch this back below or via this link.

In the workshop, Joshua showcased how Phala Network's LensAPI Oracle can help reward users on Lens with unique NFTs based on stats retrieved from LensAPI Oracle.

You'll gain insights into:


Challenge Details

What are you building?

The requirement is to deploy at least one LensAPI Oracle to leverage the limited set of stats from these to create a unique dApp.

LensAPI - Stats Available

As of the current deployed BluePrint, the LensAPI Oracle supports the following stats from Lens Protocol, which you can query when building your dApp.