<aside> 💡 Everything you need to know about our Hackathon with Mina Protocol: if you have any questions, please reach out to the D_D server or join the Mina server here if you’re not a D_D Member. 🤝


Kick-off Workshop

The Hackathon kicks off with a workshop by Angus, DevRel @ Mina Protocol, where he’ll be helping everyone get started Building zkApps with Typescript and SnarkyKS on the Mina Protocol.

Date Monday 26th June @ 5pm UTC
Title Building zkApps with Typescript and SnarkyJS on Mina Protocol
Guest https://twitter.com/blockchainbeard
RSVP https://lu.ma/jypdmapk

Building zkApps with Typescript and SnarkyJS on Mina Protocol · Luma

Hackathon Details


Our hackathon with Mina will run for 1 week, fully remote, starting immediately after the kick-off workshops with Angus. Full details are below.

Start Date Tuesday 27th June
Duration 1 Week (Fully remote)
Submission Deadline Wednesday 5th July @ 11:59pm UTC
Judges https://twitter.com/blockchainbeard (DevRel @ Mina), Mina Team
Sign-up Form https://devdao.to/mina-hack-sign-up


<aside> ❗ USCD and Mina prizes will be allocated by Mina after passing their KYC - Mina tokens will be subject to a 1 year lock-up period. CODE Prizes will be allocated directly by the DAO shortly after winners are announced.


Our prizes are split between project submissions, starter kits and technical blogs. We're also incentivizing DAO Members to form teams - full details below ⬇️

Overall winners

Chosen by our judges for best overall submission to the hackathon.

1st Prize 1,000 USDC + 2,500 MINA Token
2nd Prize 800 USDC + 2,000 MINA Token
3rd Prize 500 USDC + 1,000 MINA

Other Prize pools

Chosen by our judges for specific submissions for technical blogs and starter kits.

Top 3 Technical Blogs 200 USDC + 300 MINA
Top 3 Starter Kits 200 USDC + 300 MINA